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Heartwarming and Healing

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I just wanted to write and say thank you for taking such amazing care of our beagle Heath when he needed his neck surgery. Dr. Fitzpatrick was so nice and knowledgable and made sure we understood everything that was going on with Heath. She was wonderful and did an excellent job too as his surgery was only a week ago and the improvement in just a week is amazing! The entire staff there is so friendly and welcoming. We came in on an emergency basis late at night and no one made us feel rushed at all. They all said it was no problem coming in late and they still took their time examining Heath. Heath stayed over 4 nights total and I called many times to check on him and everyone I spoke to was wonderful and didn't make me feel like a pain for calling so much. Everyone there took such wonderful care of Heath and I would reccomend anyone I know with a dog to come here if surgery is needed. We can't thank you enough for taking care of Heath so well and for the surgery that helped him so much. Dr.Fitzpatrick and all the techs (especially Kara the evening tech) were so wonderful and we are so appreciative. Sorry this was so long! Thank you so much.

Sarah VanHorn, Chris Osborne, and Heath! :)

sanford.jpgMurdock, Winslow, and Paddington

"Three of your patients, Murdock, Winslow, and Paddington, in the recovery program post-TTA - photo taken spring 2012. Murdock had a TPLO in 2010 as well as a 2012 TTA, Winslow had bilateral TTA in August 2011 as well as previous bilateral elbow OCD surgeries, and Paddington has been luckier in the orthopedic department but fights allergies in his "spare" time! Happy boys, all doing well and living active lives thanks to VSRC!"

Kelly Sanford - referred by Dr. Mark Yanus from Moreau Animal Clinic


"Seven weeks out from Nala's TTA surgery - today's xrays show she's healing well and the plate, spacer, screws and graft are all in place. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Courtney Fitzpatrick, Veterinary Specialties Referral Center in Pattersonville, NY for a skilled repair and the gentle kindness shown toward Nala throughout the procedure. Nala is now walking and weight-bearing with hardly a limp....but will be on restricted activity for another couple of months. She's been a real trooper throughout the entire injury (squirrel chasing), surgery, and recovery period. Thanks to Dr. Fitzpatrick, vet techs, and everyone at Veterinary Specialties for the great care Nala received."

Barb and Nala

P.S. - We celebrated at Dunkin Donuts on the way home....4 glazed more, no less.


"Oreo enjoying the Fall in the Adirondacks. Thanks everyone for giving Oreo such an incredible quality of life. We'll love you forever ♥"

Susan DeSorbe Combs


"My Husky X Otto started going to VSRC after a traumatic fall off the roof of a two-story museum. He had hyperextended both front legs, tearing all the soft tissue in the carpal joints. He has been to VSRC numerous times over the past 6 months for surgeries, checkups, bandage changes, and more for bilateral pancarpal arthrodesis. Dr. Fitzpatrick is not only an extremely qualified and talented surgeon, but has been kind and considerate in answering all of my questions. The rest of the staff at VSRC are just as wonderful. It is clear to me that they take good care of their patients when my injured dog trots right into the office every time, despite the circumstances. As someone who has worked in veterinary clinics in the past, I can honestly say that VSRC is a place like none other."

Alex McGuire


"Joanie, posing in her lovely "cone of shame". A friend saw a picture of her the other day and said she looks like a Dachshund martini... so of course I HAD to snap some pix. My niece calls her a "dirty marweenie". hehe. Joanie is recovering well after her big surgery on Nov 27 to remove a considerably large piece of a towel from her stomach and intestines. The staff at VSRC were awesome, can't thank you all enough for saving my little fruit loop's life!"

Karen Ann Young


"Today was Mia “Meathead” Riley’s last visit to VSRC – kind of a bittersweet day. You all have been wonderful to work with and have shown my Meathead great care. Here’s the photo I sent Dr. Glennon at the end of our visit. Feel free to share this as proof of your successful work. As you know, Mia tore her left CCL in the fall of 2012 and tore the right one just 13 months later. She’s feeling as good as new demonstrated during this recent playdate with her buddy, Apollo…and we have YOU to thank."

Karen Riley


"We would not have our Harry if not for the incredible care we received!"

Dawn Steward


"I cannot begin to thank the staff at VSRC for the guidance and support during a very difficult time for myself and my dog Roxi. She had her right hind leg amputated on Friday afternoon. They reassured me that she would adapt quickly and that she has. I am amazed how well she's getting around. The staff, techs, & surgeons here are very kind, caring and compassionate. Thank you so much!"

Breanne Calkins


"We are so grateful to Dr. Courtney for repairing our little cavalier’s recent leg fracture. Lacey is very happy to be off “crate rest” and start to resume puppy activities. The level of care and compassion she received was just amazing! Thanks from Lacey and her cat Salem! (And of course from John and me too!)"

Chris Osinski


"Mork is still doing fantastic! Thanks again."

Kristin Kenneally


"I cannot thank VSRC enough for saving or Lab Max's life! He suffered from laryngeal paralysis and had to have tie back surgery. On Sunday 5/10, we came home and Max was not able to breathe, so we rushed him to the emergency vet in Latham. After they stabilized him and having him stay there overnight in an oxygen chamber, they recommended VSRC for his procedure. I called that morning and they were able to take him in within two hours. VSRC did such an amazing job saving his life. He is so happy, content, and is able to breathe so easily. It is truly remarkable the work that they do. I've never written a review, but I had to this time. Thank you so much Dr. Fitzpatrick, all of the vet techs, the receptionist at the front desk, and everyone I didn't meet that helped our boy. Obviously we were concerned the night of his surgery, and the vet tech. that observed him overnight was so kind even taking pictures to reassure us he was okay. Cassy and I thank you so much for everything!!"

Eric Pelcher

"Just an amazing place…"

Daisy Rodriquez


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